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TP Vision

Art of Ambilight – a 360 campaign



Communicating the entire OLED series to create knowledge that Philips OLED with Ambilight creates the ultimate TV experience!

Create an interest and commitment to interact with Philips TV through eye-catching events with exciting content that is disruptive. The goal was to attract the primary target group and to be perceived as premium without discouraging other target groups. And in addition, having a collaboration with a retailer to convert sales.


We planned and produced a 360 campaign, called Art of Ambilight, with one objective – connecting people to Philips OLED collection. We delivered the following during the launch period, between the end of September – the beginning of November 2021:

  • Prisjakt targeted programmatic media buying
  • The Artist project – a 3-episode series film project
  • Targeted SoMe marketing on Facebook and Instagram
  • An event in Stockholm, 1 week
  • An event in Copenhagen, 1 week
  • Connecting consumers to Black Friday offer – newsletter
  • Building a base of usable email addresses for future targeted offers and campaigns. 

Enginio activations including:

  • Collection “Art of Ambilight” 
  • 360 competitions to win artwork
  • Driving conversion to retailers in SE and DK


Great results seen both in terms of engagement with the target group and sales in store. With the feedback after this campaign, we can all agree on that this is a best practice on how we should connect digital campaigns with in-store activations and live events. 

Iqos team