Retail Activation

We have the tools and methods to identify talented employees and implement the activities that make a difference and really drive sales.

Driving and increasing sales.

As your partner within retail activation, we push your brand to always succeed by selecting genuinely passionate, sales-driven people with a high level of retail expertise to represent your brand in the best way.

Sales Promotion

At Nordic Retail Group we have over 500 enthusiastic promoters working in hourly based projects every year. We manage ongoing promotion programs, as well as project-based sales promotion activities. Our promoters are always educated on the products, have a genuine interest in customer service, and a clear focus to increase sell-out – so that your brand will be represented in the best way possible.

Field Force Management

Our Field Teams are not only specialists in staff training and sell-out activities – but they are also experts in ensuring your brand looks great in store. We make sure that your products are well visible and secure the right merchandising on shelves such as correct products, correct price, and that there’s plenty of stock.

Store Operations

In addition to the above, we can also help you operate your stores. We can provide you with the best store managers, sales experts, and brand ambassadors across the Nordics. Our focus is to run the business, optimize your sales and of course – reach your targets.


Why Retail Activation

Passion for people

We have experienced staff to help grow your brand’s consumer base and at the same time achieve high level of exposure with retail activities such as events and demos.


Retail and market knowledge

We’ve been around for more than 25 years, and we know what works. Today, we work with several global brands and can offer a dedicated team who will learn your brand by heart.



Reports and analysis

To know what works, we need to measure the results. We have extensive experience in data handling, tracking and analysis. We’re so dedicated to this matter that we even created our own digital communication tool for that.

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