AI Designer Analytics

Our Designer AI analytics solution, Dragonfly AI, is a predictive visual analytics product suite that helps you to optimize the effectiveness of visual content across any channel with instant AI-powered actionable insight.

The market for attention has never been more competitive

Consumers of today are exposed to so much commercial information that it has become a difficult task for brands to cut through the noise and get their messages across.
Don’t worry – we have the solution!

Increase marketing effectiveness

No organisation can afford to waste marketing spend – so why leave it up to chance? Dragonfly AI enables you to measure the effectiveness of your content across all channels before your campaign ever goes live helping you ensure high-value messaging is seen by your target audience.

Optimize the customer journey

Our brains have a limit on how much visual information can be processed. Research shows that the human brain can only process up to five distinct regions of visual interest in parallel. Streamline your Path to Purchase by reducing unnecessary noise and drawing shoppers to elements that are critical to driving the behaviours you want to see.

Why choose Designer AI Analytics



Help viewers digest information faster, improve customer satisfaction and increase accessibility.



Ensure key messaging is seen, minimize distractions and increase reach when dwell time is low.

Goal alignment

Increase revenues, reduce costs and improve customer engagement.

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