About NRG

We are a full-service retail agency focusing on sales and seamless customer experiences.  

Welcome to Nordic Retail Group.

About us

Nordic Retail Group is a full-service retail agency unlike any other. With relentless determination and an anything-is-possible mentality, we have with great success helped our clients to build their brands and reach their goals.

How? We have built a strong team of hard workers, creatives and doers who love going to work every day. We know what’s needed for a brand to succeed in retail, and how to increase sales both locally and globally.



Our culture

The work environment at Nordic Retail Group is creative and energetic. We have a dynamic and collaborative company culture, where we’re always eager to go the extra mile in order to succeed.

We truly have a passion for people, that’s why it’s so important for us to offer the most safe, inclusive and inspiring workplace that we possibly can for our amazing employees.

We highly value having a diverse team with different types of experiences and backgrounds included in the mix. It’s important to us that everyone feels valued, appreciated and like an important part of our team.

Most importantly, we want our staff to love coming to work. Like our founders always says: “You should not only whistle on your way home from the office – but also on your way to the office.

A brief history


Nordic Retail Group founded

We were founded in the basement by one of our current owners, Patrik Larsson. Back then we were called Sale Nordic, which was later changed to Nordic Retail Group (NRG) in 2016.


Expanded in the Nordics

The agency grew and by 2002 we had opened up offices in Denmark, Norway and Finland.


Started a logistics center

We started our own logistics center for campaign logistics that was later sold in 2009.


Breaking ground in field reporting

We became one of the first agencies in Nordics to use digital Field Reporting software.


Nominated for "store solution of the year"

We have always been innovative trendsetters. One of many examples is when were the first agency ever to create a mobile pop-up solution on Sergels torg in Stockholm. For this we were nominated for “store solution of the year”


Partnership with CPM International

We are an independent agency in the Nordic market but have had a strategic partnership with CPM International (which is part of the Omnicom Group) since 2008. Through this collaboration we can operate all over the world together with our clients.


Rewarded for growth and financial position

We were rewarded “Rapid Growth Company” five years in a row for growing and evolving rapidly. We have also been assigned AAA-rating, the highest financial rating possible and kept that status ever since 2012.


New HQ

We moved into our current Nordic HQ on Linnégatan, Stockholm.


Founded Detail Online

We developed and founded Detail Online – a digital shelf analytics service for optimizing online sales. Detail Online was sold to InRiver in 2020.


The big rebranding

We left the name Sale Nordic behind and became Nordic Retail Group with a total rebranding.


Launching our engagement and training platform

We were very proud to launch our digital engagement platform NRG Engage, for online training and communication. Today the service operates in 57 countries, spread across all continents.


Exclusivity for Dragonfly AI in the Nordics

NRG enters a cooperation with Dragonfly AI that gives us the exclusivity for the for this AI-based tool in the Nordics. The tool is used to improve the effectiveness of communication content across all sales channels, both online and in-store.



Through the merger with Digital People, NRG aquires our consumer activation platform Enginio. Enginio is our ground breaking platform that offers traceable activations with unique functionalities for retail.


A new player in The Netherlands

NRG is proud to announce its expansion to The Netherlands, where it will offer its full range of retail services to local and international clients. NRG aims to bring its passion for people, its creative and energetic culture, and its anything-is-possible mentality to the Dutch market.


Legal entity name

NRG Nordic Retail Group AB




Lighthouse Group AB



Local Offices

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland
The Netherlands


AAA-rating & 2006 Growth of the year