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Shop in shop – Elkjöp Kungsgatan and Lörenskog



 The project brief was to create Huawei Shop in Shop areas, that invites consumers to spend time and experience Huawei products from different product categories.


NRG created a premium look and feel, with materials such as oak and aluminum​. The result was innovative Shop in Shops where Huawei Ecosystem could be presented in a smart way​. With good planning it was possible to create stylish display features and functional storage solutions. NRG created everything form the sketch to the actual features, alarm systems and POS materials.


The project resulted in great brand visibility that reflects Huawei’s look and feel.

Shop in Shops gives the possibility to showcase the whole product category in one compact space that’s also easy to use by the end consumers.

It’s an effective way to increase the brand awareness and connect the brand story with the actual products.

Iqos team