Engage your customers and build loyalty

Enginio builds loyalty with smart functionality and full traceability with your consumer.  Enginio is a platform that helps you build loyalty with your consumer through smart functions, full traceability and new tools for insights on your business.  


How can you in a simple way create intelligence in your activations both online and instore?  Competitions, games, collect & receive, loyalty, surveys, coupons & vouchers, cashback, receipt scanning. Enginio helps you to create smart activations. ...

Automated Cashback

Do you want to work with AI-powered automated cashback activations with a global direct payout? Enginio makes it possible for reimbursements and rebates schemes with direct payout to credit cards or mobile pay solutions all over the world without the need to involve...


Are you using intelligent QR-codes? We will give you intelligence in your activations both in online and physical environments. Enginio will help you to create real 360-campaigns and promotions.