Media Buying & Targeting

Our media buying & targeting solution helps you out with media buying, media strategy, asset creation, execution and conversion.

A jungle of choices

Most brands today struggle to convert their consumers from all channels and drive sales both in-store and online. It’s hard to get an overview and to buy media efficiently, to pick the right channel and to get the right effect when you need it…

We've got you

We’ll help you to sort out the right solution for your needs. By always a/b testing, iterating, and optimizing the media channel strategy, buying media in all the right channels as well as creating the assets, we van increase your sales and track your effect. On top of that we always make sure to keep you updated on our analytical findings. We’ll set up continuous meetings where we’ll share our thoughts on improvements and adjustments of the marketing strategy, to always optimize the results of the campaign.

A 360 solution

We always think 360 in everything we do, and you can always count on us to create the right ad, in the right channel, to the right audience, at the right time. All to convert and drive sales in-store and online. No matter what goals you are looking to accomplish – we’ll identify the perfect media channels for your needs.

Why choose Media Buying & Targeting


Media Channel Strategy

We find the the best media channels for the wanted business effect.


A/B Testing & Optimization

We always A/B test, analyze and adjust channels, audiences, target models, budgets and assets.

Reports & Follow Ups

We set up weekly & monthly meetings where we show you our  analysis, findings, recommendations and improvements. 

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