Recruitment & Interim Staffing

For long-term solutions and short-term needs.

Successfully recruiting for sales positions is not about filling vacancies – rather, it is about finding the perfect person for the job. We recruit talents for our clients based on their suitability for a certain position while at the same time making sure that the position is the dream job for the candidate. In that way each position is filled by the right person.

Interim staffing
We are in the business of putting the right people in the right place for the desired amount of time: weeks, months or years. The common denominator for interim staffing is that we supply highly-trained and experienced specialists. Thanks to our structured on-boarding process, we are up and running in no time – driving sales and value to your business.

Nordic simplicity
We have twenty years of experience in recruitment and interim staffing all across the Nordic region and a stellar track record of integrating the different markets, cultures, languages and employment laws into one way of working with a single point of contact and central administration. All this must also be paired with local expertise and cultural relevance as well as representation in all four Nordic countries.

Passion for people
Everything we do can be boiled down to one sentence: passion for people. It’s the reason we come to work every morning and the reason our clients call us instead of someone else. It is our main differentiator and reason to be in business. We are all about people: our ambition is to find the right person for the job and the right job for the person. We are passionate about people and their potential. We are so passionate that we even registered ‘Passion for People’ as our trademark.


Interested in Recruitment & Interim Staffing?
To learn more, please contact Johan Hallberg, Client Service Director & Head of Recruitment | Interim Staffing or +46 70 878 06 61.