Today’s customers make very conscious choices. They know what, how and when they should buy. This means that the customer journey is more complex than ever before.

So how can you ensure that your particular brand and products will be selected?
Why would the customer take an interest in what you are offering? How do you create engagement and win more customers? How do you create dedication and fans?

We combine solid experience with innovation. And we deliver the most important elements of successful retail, in the real world and online, automatically and personally. From insightful strategies to careful execution – we guarantee the overall customer experience.

We work in the Nordic region and help brands to grow, not only locally but globally too.
Our Nordic presence allows us to pinpoint relevant interfaces. Our tools allow us to create comprehensive solutions. The way we work allows us to generate synergies, results and sales.

Together with our strategic partner CPM International we can offer our clients a global reach. CPM International are an award-winning international outsourced sales
agency specializing in field marketing, contact center and digital marketing solutions with a proven track record of increasing sales and brand awareness for clients by using insight to create influence and drive sales.

We take retail to a whole new level.



This is our business model. We offer to develop strategies and come up with concepts and ideas for communications alongside organised sales work. We use data and business intelligence to conduct thorough analyses.

Our business model describes what we can help you with, whether you require a total solution or would like to utilise our individual areas of expertise.



Strong concepts throughout the consumer journey.

The foundation of our offering is an understanding of the customer journey. We optimise the brand and product experience through the points of impact in the customer’s decision-making process. From research and curiosity, to comparisons and final purchase.

We map where you meet your target group and how you should do this, as well as the channels you should choose, in both digital and real world environments. We come up with the concepts and strategies you should adopt.

Analysis & Strategy
• Target Group Analysis
• Market Segmentation
• Customer Journey Evaluation & Mapping
• Monitoring & Measurement
• Insights & Evaluations
• Communication Concepts
• Messaging
• Recommendations
• Channel Strategy

Interested in Concept & Strategy?
To learn more, please contact Calle Schwerin, Chief Development Officer schwerin@nordicretailgroup.com or Joakim Gavelin, Chief Development Officer gavelin@nordicretailgroup.com.



Communications for all channels.

We develop and safeguard messages through strong communications that influence the customer and work in all channels. Thanks to our high level of creative retail expertise, we can produce communications to drive sales and build brands for use in store environments as well as online. All with the aim of providing the customer with an inspiring and seamless shopping experience in which the physical store, the online store and mobility are integrated.

• POS Material
• Graphic Design
• Print Campaigns and Communication
• Special placement printing
• Ad Creation
• Catalogs and brochures
• Conversion from ATL to BTL
• Adaptation of Communication
• Shop-in-shop Communication

• Web Design
• Campaign Site Design
• Banner Content Creation
• Digital Graphic Design
• App Content Creation
• Email Marketing
• Digital Touch Screen Creation
• Digital Signage Content Creation
• Digital Product Displays
• Film Production (commercials, infomercials)
• Motion Graphics Content Creation (storytelling, graphic signage)
• 3D Design
• Hologram Communication
• Virtual Reality Communication
• Augmented Reality Communication
• Electroluminescence Lightning

• Event Area Creation, Development and Production
• In-store Branding and Creation
• Shop-in-shop Creation, Development and Production
• Pop-up store Creation, Development and Production
• Store Creation, Development and Production
• Hologram Communication
• Virtual Reality Communication
• Augmented Reality Communication
• Scent Air Marketing

Social Media
• Content Creation
• Advertising
• Online Promotions
• Collection
• Monitoring & Measurement
• Listening

Interested in Creative?
To learn more, please contact Paolo Massanyi, Executive Creative Director massanyi@nordicretailgroup.com.



The right sales support makes a real difference.

Driving and increasing sales in physical stores is about deploying the right activities and the right staff. We have developed tools and working methods to identify talented employees and to implement these activities.

We offer genuinely passionate, sales-driven staff with a high level of retail expertise to ensure sales at the very moment the decision to buy is made.

• Field Sales Team
• Direct Sales
• Contract Sales
• Tactical Sales

Talent management
• Recruitment
• Staffing Services

Retail audit
• Mystery Shoppers
• Customer Audits
• Staff and Consumer Interviews

• Visual Merchandising
• Merchandising Online
• Technical Merchandising
• Mystery Shopper
• Planogram Management
• Store Staff Training
• Sales Promotion
• Shop-in-Shop Staffing
• Brand Activation
• Sampling
• Roadshows

Interested in Activation?
To learn more, please contact Tom Nilsson, Head of Sales & Operation nilsson@nordicretailgroup.com or David Skoog, Head of Client Services skoog@nordicretailgroup.com.



Detail is a revolutionary new way to help brands and businesses with merchandising online. It monitors defined retailer sites and ensures that they are compliant with predefined promotional conditions. It can be applied to any market, language or industry, providing data down to individual store level.

Detail monitors your online visibility, in-stock availability, price and share of shelf. It also helps you to keep track of your competitors and gives you a detailed ranking of your product’s position at each retailer site. Every day.

Please visit the website for more information.

Interested in Detail?
To learn more, please contact Joakim Gavelin, Founding Partner gavelin@detailonline.com or Mariona Aparicio Mielgo, Project & Market Coordinator mariona@detailonline.com.