Our offer

We combine solid experience with innovation. And we deliver the most important elements of successful retail. From insightful strategy to careful execution with a creative twist, we at NRG guarantee the overall customer experience – both locally and globally.

With our strategic partner CPM International we offer clients a global reach. CPM International is an award-winning outsourced sales agency, specialising in field sales, contact centre and digital sales solutions.  Together we have a proven track record of increasing sales and brand awareness for our clients all over the world.

Detail is a revolutionary new way to help brands and businesses with merchandising online. It monitors defined retailer sites and ensures that they are compliant with predefined promo- tional conditions. It can be applied to any market, language or industry, providing data down to individual store level.

Detail monitors your online visibility, in-stock availability, price and share of shelf. It also helps you to keep track of your competitors and gives you a detailed ranking of your product’s position at each retailer site. Every day.

Please visit the website for more information. www.merchandisingonline.se