We are a full service retail agency focusing on sales and sensational customer experiences.

The foundation of our business has always been to support brands in order to increase their sales locally and globally. We support a large number of brands both out of a strategic and tactical perspective.

We have a great history and it all started with Sale Nordic back in 1997. In 2003 our sister agency TODAY saw the light. For quite some time, we’ve been planning to merge these two strong brands into one. For one good reason. We believe that one strong company with one brand is better than two separate. This gives us the unity and strength that the market demands. As of May 2016, we are joining forces under one strong name, Nordic Retail Group. As a full service retail agency we offer our clients complete solutions within concept and strategy, creative services and sales support.

The customer is more aware of their choices on what, where and when to make their purchase. The customer journey is more complex than ever and the retail landscape is changing both in physical stores as well as online.

The journey has just started.

Welcome to Nordic Retail Group!
A part of Lighthouse Group.


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